Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin in 2024, Ranked

Pickleball Paddles for Spin

As a seasoned pickleball paddle reviewer, I’ve had the pleasure of testing a wide array of paddles available on the market. Today, I’m excited to unveil my meticulously curated list of the Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin, renowned for their exceptional spin performance in 2023.

This year has witnessed a significant shift in the landscape of paddle technology, with groundbreaking innovations reshaping the game. Paddles that once dominated the spin category in the previous year now find themselves overshadowed by newer, more advanced contenders.

Traditionally, a paddle’s spin capability is gauged by measuring its revolutions per minute (RPM). In the past, paddles boasting RPMs of 1,600 were considered top-tier. However, the bar has been raised significantly this year, with the elite paddles surpassing the 1,800 RPM mark and many exceeding an impressive 2,000 RPM.

While RPM output remains a crucial factor in selecting a high-spinning paddle, it’s essential to recognize that there’s more to consider than just spin. The criteria for inclusion in this list extend beyond sheer RPM numbers. Factors such as paddle construction, feel, and overall performance have been taken into careful consideration. Some exceptional paddles may have been omitted from the list due to the emergence of competitively priced alternatives vying for the spotlight.

How I compiled this list of Pickleball Paddles for Spin

I utilize a high-framerate camera to capture footage of myself striking a two-toned ball. Subsequently, I meticulously analyze the footage frame-by-frame to evaluate RPM performance. While it’s not an exact science due to the human element involved in hitting the ball, I strive to provide accurate assessments. Additionally, I gather insights from other paddle reviewers and compare their findings with my own.

While spin metrics hold significant importance, my primary objective in this ranking is to compile a list of the best high-spinning paddles overall. This entails considering various factors beyond spin, such as power output, controllability, price, and durability.

Why? Some paddles excel at imparting spin to the ball but may lack overall high-performance qualities.

Rest assured that the paddles listed here not only boast top-tier spin but are also exceptional choices for multiple reasons.

It’s essential not to obsess over the specific order of the paddles listed below. Each paddle featured on this list delivers exceptional spin performance, owing to their utilization of new-generation tightly woven Toray T700 raw carbon fiber paddle faces.

Furthermore, the absence of certain well-known brands in the top 10 rankings may be noticeable. Instead, the list predominantly features paddle lines from smaller companies, with a few exceptions.

While established companies like Joola, Selkirk, CRBN, and Engage enjoy widespread popularity and have contributed significantly to the pickleball scene, they face fierce competition from newer companies this year. These emerging brands have surpassed them in terms of innovation and price performance.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the list.

1. Vatic Pro Prism (Best Paddle for Spin & Control)


The Vatic Pro Prism line has been a game-changer since its release in the summer of 2023. Combining high spin, excellent control, superior build quality, and an affordable price, the Prism is an obvious choice for players seeking a high-performing paddle without spending a fortune. The paddle comes in two shapes: Flash (hybrid) and V7 (elongated).

With a spin rate of 1951 RPMs, the Prism delivers top-tier performance. You can effortlessly enhance your slices and topspin, bending shots precisely to your preference.

2. Ronbus R1.16/R3.16

Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle Review
  • Price: $120
  • RPM: 2098
  • Paddle type: Control
  • Skill Level: Beginner/intermediate
  • Read the full Ronbus R1.16 Review

The Ronbus R1/R3 16mm paddle line is a standout choice for its solid construction, high performance, and affordability, particularly in spin. It’s one of my top recommendations among non-thermoformed paddles across all categories.

In my testing, R1.16 achieved an impressive 2098 RPM, placing it near the top for spin generation. I was amazed by its spin capabilities when I first played with this paddle in early 2023. Ronbus paddles consistently perform well, and the non-thermoformed R1/R3 models are particularly suited for a controlled soft game while still offering exceptional spin potential.

3. Ronbus Nova

Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle Review
  • Price: $180
  • RPM: 1929
  • Paddle type: All-court/Power/Control
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Read the full Ronbus R1 Nova Review

The Nova has quickly become my favorite paddle to play with. It’s an innovative thermoformed paddle featuring new “Gen. 3” advancements, which appear to have resolved the durability issues that have plagued thermoformed paddles since their inception.

Like other Ronbus paddles, the Nova excels in spin performance. Although it didn’t quite hit the 2,000 RPM mark like my Ronbus R1/R3 and Pulsars, the Nova’s 1929 RPM rating is still exceptionally good.

If you’re looking for a high-performing, well-priced ($160 after discount) thermoformed paddle that addresses the common durability issues such as delamination, disbonding, and core-crush, the Nova might be the perfect choice for you.

4. Six Zero Double Black Diamond (DBD)

Six Zero Double Black Diamond
  • Price: $180
  • RPM: 16mm = 2006, 14mm = 2027
  • Paddle type: All-court/Control
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
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The Double Black Diamond (DBD) stands out as one of the few thermoformed paddles emphasizing control, achieving a balanced blend of power and precision. It has quickly become one of the top paddles introduced this year.

With its excellent combination of control and power, the DBD generates impressive spin numbers, exceeding 2,000 RPM. This makes it an ideal choice for players who can manage the power of a thermoformed paddle without compromising on control or spin.

While some beginners might find the DBD suitable, I recommend that most beginners start with one of the first two paddles on this list, as they are non-thermoformed and easier to control. However, high-tier beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players, would benefit greatly from the DBD, enhancing their spin numbers and overall performance.

5. Ronbus Pulsar

  • Price$150
  • RPM: 2076
  • Paddle type: All-court/Power/Control
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Read the full Ronbus R3 Pulsar Review

The R3 Pulsar is one of the most durable and controllable Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles, known for its impressive spin capabilities. With a spin level of 2076 RPM, the Pulsar delivers all the spin you could need. It’s my favorite paddle, second only to Ronbus’s newest Nova line.

The Pulsar is ideal for players seeking substantial spin and the power of a thermoformed paddle without sacrificing control. Compared to the Double Black Diamond, the Pulsar is one of the softest thermoformed paddles on the market, providing superior control due to its less poppy nature. It also offers slightly more power than the Ronbus Nova, making it a well-rounded choice for players who value both control and spin.

6. Vatic Pro Flash & V7

  • Price: $139.99
  • RPMs: 2,001 (V7), 1,902 (Flash 16), 2,044 (Flash 14)
  • Paddle type: All-court/Power
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Read the full Vatic Pro V7 Review and Flash Review

The original Vatic Pro thermoformed paddle line has gained significant popularity in 2023, and it’s easy to see why. These paddles are high performers, offering impressive spin and style.

The paddles come in two shapes. The V7 is an elongated paddle that provides slightly more power and reach compared to the Flash model. The Flash model, on the other hand, features a curved aerodynamic shape, making it lighter and more maneuverable.

7. Six Zero Black Diamond (Best Paddle for Spin & Power)

Six Zero Black Diamond
  • Price: $180
  • RPM: 1943
  • Paddle type: Power/All-court
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Read the full Black Diamond Review

The Black Diamond is my favorite power paddle on the market. It offers excellent spin and a good level of control for a paddle of its caliber. If you’re into power paddles that can rip balls with tons of spin, the Black Diamond is a great choice.

While it’s not the hardest-hitting paddle available (that distinction likely goes to the ProKennex Black Ace), the Black Diamond stands out for its superior spin. Other power paddles can’t match its spin capabilities; for instance, the Black Ace generates RPMs in the low 1600s. Additionally, the control and overall performance of Six Zero’s Diamond line are top-notch, making the Black Diamond an exceptional choice for power and spin.

8. Volair Mach 1 Forza

  • Price: $179.99
  • RPM: 2028
  • Paddle type: All-court/Power
  • Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Read the full Volair Mach 1 Forza Review

The Mach 1 Forza is another top-notch, spin-heavy thermoformed paddle. I recently played with this paddle and had a blast dipping my serves and catching opponents off guard with big slice returns.

I really like this paddle, and for someone not used to high-spinning thermos, it would be impressive. Compared to other thermoformed paddles, the Mach 1 Forza stands out for its exceptional spin and high level of pop.

I recommend the Mach 1 Forza if you prefer poppy thermoformed paddles, longer handles (it features a 5.5″ handle), and/or a quality aesthetic. The price is reasonable, and it’s also Julian Arnold’s signature paddle, making it a great choice for fans of his.

Honorable Mentions

The Legacy Pro. The Legacy Pro (LP) is the first high-spin thermoformed paddle to gain significant popularity. My tests place it near the 2,000 RPM mark, showcasing its impressive spin potential. However, it didn’t make the top 10 on this list due to inconsistent manufacturing quality. As Legacy’s popularity grew, they had to increase production, spreading manufacturing across multiple factories, which led to inconsistencies in the paddles from batch to batch. For more details, you can read the full Legacy Pro review here.

Joola Perseus/Scorpeus. The Joola Perseus paddle line has garnered significant popularity and offers some excellent options. My RPM ratings for these paddles fell in the upper 1700s to upper 1800s, which is commendable. However, the paddles are priced too high to compete with those featured in the top 10. If they offered better price-to-performance ratios, I would have included them. You can read the Joola Perseus review here.


I hope this list has helped you choose your next paddle. Every paddle listed is excellent across the board and well-priced.

If you continue to hunt for high-spin paddles, remember that any RPMs of 1,700 or higher are excellent. You get diminishing returns after that. However, the difference between 1,700 RPM and 2,100 RPM is definitely noticeable.

And remember, your spin performance depends more on your form and technique than the paddle. If you want to get the most performance possible, learn how to improve your spin game in addition to picking up a new paddle.

Good luck out there!


Can a paddle really improve your spin game?

Yes, absolutely. But you need to actually have a good spin game as a prerequisite. A paddle’s ability to enhance spin requires you to make shots that impart spin to begin with. If you want a lot of spin in your game, learn to hit top-spin and slice shots.
Once you’ve introduced the right techniques into your form, the paddle will really be able to help you get your spin to the next level.

Should beginner players choose their paddle based on its spin capabilities?

Typically, no. Or not exclusively. The focus for beginner players should be on control. But, fortunately, some excellent beginner-friendly control paddles have fantastic spin, like the first two on this list.
If a beginner has a high-spin paddle, they should focus on other aspects of their form before trying to add spin onto every shot. Get the basics down so your shot mechanics are consistent, and then learn to apply spin. There’s no need to learn to maximize spin at the beginner level.

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