Six Zero Black Diamond Power Pickleball Paddle Review

Six Zero Black Diamond

Six Zero is a burgeoning paddle company from Australia making waves in 2023.

Since their inception in 2022, they’ve cultivated a loyal local following. Their reputation is now expanding internationally with the launch of their innovative thermoformed paddle line in the USA and other overseas markets.

Six Zero’s Gen. 2 paddle production techniques are distinguished by thermoforming, edge-sealed foam injection, and high-quality Toray/composite paddle faces. Unlike many new companies that merely replicate older paddle designs, Six Zero introduces something entirely original.

Other companies like Legacy Pro, Vatic Pro, and the CRBN 1X line also utilize the same advanced raw carbon fiber paddle techniques from the same production facility, each customizing their paddles uniquely.

Having tested most of the new thermoformed paddles over the past few months, I believe companies like Six Zero will excel with their superior paddles offered at competitive prices. The more I play with them, the more I appreciate their quality.

In this post, I’ll delve into Six Zero Black Diamond, and also provide a review of their Double Black Diamond Control paddle.

Alright, let’s dive into the post.

Six Zero Black Diamond power

Technical Specifications of Six Zero Black Diamond

  • Price: $180 BUY
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Core thickness: 16mm
  • Face: Proprietary Raw Composite Material
  • Average weight: 8.1 oz
  • Grip length: 5.5”
  • Swing Weight: 116
  • Grip size: 4.25”
  • Core: Honeycomb polymer
  • Total length: 16.3”
  • Width: 7.5” to 7.7″
  • Warranty: 6 months for defects

Six Zero Black Diamond Quick Summary

Since my original review, Six Zero has updated the handle in their latest batches with a new mold. The handle now extends further up the paddle face, increasing its length from 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. This change definitely improves the feel. They’ve also made other adjustments to the paddle, which I discuss further in the article.

Despite being priced below the current “premium” $220+ range, the Black Diamond is undeniably a premium paddle.

The paddle feels solid, has an excellent form factor, and delivers the raw power and spin that aggressive players desire, as well as the finesse needed by softer hitters to gain an edge on the court.

I would categorize the Black Diamond as an all-court paddle that favors power, while its counterpart, the Double Black Diamond, is an all-court paddle that favors control.

Yes, power is in the name, so you’d expect the Black Diamond to pack a punch. But what truly makes it stand out is its blend of ample power, top-tier spin, and more than sufficient controllability.

Compared to other high-tier power paddles currently on the market, such as the Selkirk Power Air and ProKennex Black Ace, the Black Diamond is much more manageable in terms of control.

While it might not be as powerful as those paddles, it still delivers impressive power for its class without sacrificing too much touch, control, or accuracy.

You might need a couple of weeks to fully adjust to this paddle. It has a great grip and feels like a raw carbon paddle, yet offers the serious pop of a unibody thermoformed fiberglass paddle.

Adjusting to drops, dinks, resets, and other touch shots takes time. But once you do, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds with power and control.

Power of Six Zero Black Diamond

The power output of the Black Diamond has been slightly reduced in the latest batches. This adjustment aims to improve the durability of the thermoforming process. As a power-focused player, I find this newest version of the BD to be the best yet. The control has significantly improved while maintaining high power output, resulting in a more solid-feeling paddle that’s easier to manage.

Like most new thermoformed, foam-injected raw carbon paddles, balls really fly off the Black Diamond. In my experience, it hits harder than similar CRBN 1X Power paddles.

This paddle makes hard hitters even more formidable and provides that extra punch for players who need a bit of help adding power to their shots. Serves and put-aways are effortless, as are drives and counterpunches from anywhere on the court.

If you’re transitioning from a non-power paddle or any previous model of raw carbon fiber paddle, you’ll notice, as will those around you, how much harder you’re hitting with the Black Diamond.

The Black Diamond has as much power as my weighted-up Hyperion CFS 16mm while being half an ounce lighter. Although it’s less powerful than the Black Ace and Power Air, it requires less effort to generate power and offers far more control and touch than those paddles.

The Legacy Pro also provides more power and pop than the Black Diamond, but it’s slightly less controllable. While the Black Diamond can still deliver incredible power, it doesn’t match the instantly apparent power of the Legacy Pro, which is in a league of its own.

Pop Summary

The Black Diamond paddle offers a lot of pop, noticeably more than the Double Black Diamond, which is impressive in its own right.

This extra pop is partly due to its proprietary composite facing. While it includes a fiberglass element, the full composition is unclear. It is believed to have been developed in collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer Toray, which supplies the carbon fiber face for the Double Black Diamond.

Adjusting to the stiffness and pop of this paddle can take time, but after about a week, you’ll likely feel more comfortable with the pop in your soft game. You’ll then be able to fully leverage the benefits of high pop in your power and quick-hands game. This paddle makes winning hand battles easier when its pop and power are fully harnessed.

Control Summary

To address delamination and core-crush issues, Six Zero has made adjustments to the glue and other paddle components. These changes not only improve durability but also significantly enhance the Black Diamond’s controllability. Previously, I only used the Black Diamond for singles, but my paddle from the latest batch has become my go-to for doubles as well. It excels in both control and power, especially when weighted with lead tape.

This is a power paddle, so power comes more easily than control. However, the Black Diamond’s control and soft game are superior to many other power paddles on the market. It just takes some time to get used to drops, resets, and dinks with this paddle.

The injected foam and carbon face extend all the way down the paddle and into the handle, contributing to stability, vibration reduction, and control. The sweet spot is much larger than what you might be used to if you’ve been playing with other power paddles. While power paddles typically struggle with off-center hits, this one performs well, especially near the throat, thanks to the thermoforming process.

The paddle feels both stiff and responsive. It provides lots of pop with decent dwell time and excellent feedback. It feels soft enough for drops, dinks, and resets, similar to a raw carbon fiber face, but with the added pop of fiberglass.

Although it’s harder to control than a dedicated control paddle like the Double Black Diamond, its stability, vibration reduction, and generous sweet spot make it manageable without needing extra weight. This is beneficial since it’s already quite light at 8.0 ounces, keeping the swing weight low and allowing for quick movements at the net. You can always add or remove weighted tape as needed.

Your control with this paddle might not be great right out of the box, but give it some time to adjust. These thermoformed paddles also break in after some play and develop more give.

Spin Summary

The Black Diamond paddle boasts industry-leading spin rates, comparable to the Legacy Pro, Ronbus Nova, Vanguard Air, Project 002/003 paddles, and other top-tier spin paddles. It’s common to see RPMs exceeding 2,000 in tests with this paddle, which is why it made my list of the best pickleball paddles for spin.

When you pick up this paddle, its impact on your spin game is immediately noticeable. I can easily make balls jump off the ground on topspin flicks and add intense spin to deep topspin drives. Shaping the ball is effortless with this paddle. I’ve received multiple comments from players who thought my hard drives would go out, only to see them dive down just enough to stay in.

The paddle face grips the ball exceptionally well. Whatever proprietary composite textured surface they’re using is highly effective. The high-friction paddle face generates significant ball dust.

Using this paddle, you’ll surprise others with how pronounced your spin game becomes. I’m not exaggerating—standard slices and topspin shots can become serious weapons on the court, catching everyone by surprise.

Durability of Six Zero Black Diamond

Six Zero has been actively working to improve the durability of their paddles. Since my original review, they have made numerous iterative changes to address core thermoforming issues, resulting in a much more durable paddle.

Structurally, this paddle is built like a tank. The thermoforming feels solid and purposeful. You won’t encounter broken handles like with the Joola or deal with worn-down, exposed honeycomb.

The proprietary raw composite face material, developed with Toray Japan, is reportedly very reliable. According to Dale at Six Zero, the texture is permanent and will last as long as the cloth. Since paddle face textures often struggle to maintain their form, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the longevity of this paddle face.

There have been some isolated incidents of paddle face delamination with some thermoformed paddles from the factory that produces them. However, multiple companies, including Six Zero, have confirmed that the factories have implemented new adhesion methods and upgraded resins to keep the paddle faces securely in place.

Overall, this paddle should last. If you’ve ever owned a GearBox paddle, you know how long-lasting thermoformed paddles can be. Time will tell, as this is still a new paddle.

If you’re looking for the most durable thermoformed paddle on the market, check out the Ronbus R1 Nova.

Value Summary

The Six Zero Black Diamond paddle truly stands out as an elite pickleball paddle offered at a reasonable price point. At $180, it’s a fantastic deal, especially considering that a custom neoprene cover is included with every paddle order.

Overall, I believe the pricing is spot-on for this paddle. Comparable paddles like the Legacy Pro and Vatic Pro are currently cheaper and perform similarly, although I anticipate that their prices may shift closer to the Black Diamond line soon.

If a paddle identical to the Black Diamond were released by a major company like CRBN, GearBox, or Joola, you could expect it to be priced in the $220-$250 range. For instance, CRBN does offer a similar paddle from the same factory (the 1X/2X Power Series), and that paddle is priced at $230.

Should you buy the Six Zero Black Diamond paddle?

The recent enhancements made by Six Zero, such as extending the handle and refining their proprietary methods for improved durability, have resulted in an even superior paddle compared to when I initially wrote this review. The Black Diamond has become one of my primary paddles for both singles and doubles. It still delivers top-tier power while now offering significantly enhanced controllability and durability. It feels akin to the DBD now, with a touch more power and pop.

The Black Diamond is perfect for players seeking a power paddle with standard-setting power, spin, and impressive controllability for a paddle of its caliber. For those preferring a paddle focused on control, the Double Black Diamond serves as an excellent alternative.

If you’ve been using a middle-of-the-road paddle or any older carbon-faced paddle, anticipate a substantial upgrade here. Personally, I quickly lost interest in my Joola Hyperion after switching to a SixZero.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider Six Zero’s Sapphire paddle. It’s the only unibody thermoformed paddle on the market, priced at less than $100.

FAQs about the Six Zero Black Diamond

Where are Six Zero Black Diamond paddles made?


What is the difference between six zero black diamond power and control?

The face material

Can the Six Zero Black Diamond be upgraded?

Depending on the model, certain components or software of the Six Zero Black Diamond can be upgraded. Check with the manufacturer or an authorized dealer for upgrade options.

Are there any accessories available for the Six Zero Black Diamond?

Yes, there are several accessories available to enhance the functionality of the Six Zero Black Diamond. These include additional attachments, protective cases, and specialized tools. Check the official website or consult with an authorized dealer for more information.

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