JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddle: A Comprehensive Guide

Top-tier pickleball paddles like the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddles are made for players who want maximum accuracy and performance on the court. This paddle, which was created in partnership with professional player Ben Johns, offers a remarkable playing experience by fusing state-of-the-art technology with skillful craftsmanship. The Hyperion C2 is impressive, whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a casual player trying to improve.

Pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has been gaining popularity in recent years. As enthusiasts flock to the courts, the demand for high-quality equipment, including paddles, has soared. One paddle that has captured the attention of pickleball players worldwide is the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this innovative paddle and explore its features, benefits, and suitability for players of all skill levels.

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddle

Product information

Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H‎18.27 x 9.88 x 1.69 inches
Package Weight‎0.31 Kilograms
Material‎Carbon Fiber
Grip Size‎5 1/2 inches


About this item

  • OFFICIAL SUPPLIER OF PICKLEBALL PLAYER BEN JOHNS AROUND THE WORLD & THE PPA TOUR: JOOLA, which has over 70 years of invention and leadership in the world of table tennis, teams up with Ben Johns to launch a revolutionary range of pickleball equipment that is poised to completely transform the game.
  • PERSEUS POWER, HYPERION SHAPE: We combined the most recent technology from the Ben Johns Perseus Paddle with the elongated, Aero-Curve design of the Hyperion. The result is a perfectly balanced racket that provides substantial power and precise control, making it a top option for pickleball players of all skill levels.
  • CHARGED CARBON SURFACE: This surface offers enhanced energy transfer, a crisp, responsive feel, and increased durability thanks to JOOLA’s cutting-edge paddle technology. Players will thus feel more connected to their shots and enjoy a more responsive paddle with exceptional feedback. In addition, this paddle meets all performance and quality requirements to be approved for use in competitions by the USAPA.
  • POWER & SPIN DESIGNED WITH AN AGGRESSIVE SHAPE: Crafted for high-performance play, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddle has an inventive Aero Curve head design that reduces drag and increases swing speed. Players can execute shots with more control and precision because to this unusual form, which also improves power and spin creation. The paddle offers a comfortable grip and maximum agility on the court thanks to its expanded handle for extended reach. With a grip length of 5.5 inches and dimensions of 16.5 inches by 7.5 inches and 7.9 ounces, this professional-grade paddle offers the ideal balance of power, spin, and agility for competitive play.
  • BIG SWEET SPOT & MAX SPIN: The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddle is designed with a unique foam injection around the edge, which increases the sweet spot for improved performance and consistency all the way around the court. The paddle also has a carbon friction surface (CFS), which offers the best grip and control and guarantees longevity and durability. Because of its creative design, which maximizes spin creation, players can make accurate and effortless shots.
Surface of pickleball paddle

Key Features of the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Pickleball Paddle

Lightweight Construction: The Hyperion C2 is renowned for its lightweight construction, which allows players to maneuver the paddle with ease during intense rallies. Whether you’re at the net volleying or at the baseline powering through groundstrokes, the paddle’s nimble design ensures maximum control and precision.

Premium Materials: Crafted from premium materials, including carbon fiber and fiberglass, the Hyperion C2 offers a perfect blend of strength and flexibility. These high-quality materials contribute to the paddle’s durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of competitive play without compromising on performance.

Advanced Technology: At the heart of the Hyperion C2 is advanced paddle technology that enhances its overall performance on the court. From its optimized sweet spot to its vibration-dampening core, every aspect of the paddle is engineered to deliver maximum power, spin, and control.

Ergonomic Handle: Designed with player comfort in mind, the Hyperion C2 features an ergonomic handle that fits snugly in the hand. This ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue during extended play sessions, allowing players to maintain a firm grip and execute precise shots with confidence.

High-Performance Surface: The paddle’s high-performance surface is engineered to provide exceptional spin and power, allowing players to put maximum spin on their shots and dictate the pace of the game. Whether you’re executing a delicate drop shot or a powerful smash, the Hyperion C2 delivers unmatched performance on every stroke.

Pros and Cons of the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2


  • Lightweight and maneuverable design
  • Premium materials for durability and performance
  • Advanced paddle technology for enhanced playability
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • High-performance surface for optimal spin and power


  • Some players may find the price point of the Hyperion C2 to be on the higher side
  • There are limited color options compared to other paddles on the market

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Real-World Feedback: Players who have used the Hyperion C2 in their games have praised its exceptional performance and reliability. Many have noted the paddle’s lightweight construction, which allows for effortless maneuverability on the court.

User Experiences: Customers have also highlighted the paddle’s premium materials and advanced technology, citing improvements in their game since switching to the Hyperion C2. Overall, the paddle has received rave reviews from players of all skill levels, cementing its reputation as a top choice for pickleball enthusiasts.


Final Thoughts: In conclusion, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 is a standout pickleball paddle that delivers on performance, durability, and comfort. Its lightweight construction, premium materials, and advanced technology make it a favorite among players seeking an edge on the court.

Is the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 Right for You?: Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or a seasoned player seeking a competitive advantage, the Hyperion C2 offers something for everyone. Its versatility, durability, and performance make it a worthy investment for pickleball enthusiasts of all levels.

Making Your Decision: If you’re in the market for a high-quality pickleball paddle that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 is worth considering. With its lightweight design, premium materials, and ergonomic handle, it’s sure to elevate your game to new heights.

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