Best Recommended Pickleball Paddles 2024

Pickleball is gaining popularity everywhere.

It’s easy to understand why. The game is simple for beginners to pick up, and players can quickly improve their skills.

If you’re a regular pickleball player, you might be searching for a reliable paddle to enhance your game. With the surge in pickleball’s popularity, around 600 companies have entered the market, each boasting paddles with innovative technology designed to help you play like a pro.

However, you don’t need a paddle made of polycarbonate composite aluminum engineered by NASA scientists (we don’t think that’s a thing yet). In fact, you probably don’t need a fancy, expensive paddle at all.

Think of pickleball paddles like basketball sneakers: just as wearing the most expensive model won’t help you dunk like LeBron James, buying the most expensive paddle won’t suddenly make you smash power shots like a pro.

We tested eight paddles to find the best option for someone buying their first serious paddle. After evaluating factors like grip, power, weight, and control, we recommend the Paddletek Bantam EX-L.

Pickleball Paddles

Whether you’re hitting soft, short “dink” shots at the net or powerful strokes from the baseline, this paddle makes most shots feel accurate and effortless.

The Paddletek Bantam EX-L has long been one of the most popular paddles because it offers a rare combination of power and control.

It’s great for bangers (pickleball players who prefer smashing the ball) looking to improve their dinking skills without sacrificing power.

But it’s also suitable for precision players who want a bit more pop on their strokes.

The Bantam EX-L doesn’t feel too heavy and is a good option for practicing advanced shots, like adding spin.

Recommended Pickleball Paddles

Product information

Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H‎16.3 x 8.5 x 2.68 inches
Package Weight‎0.33 Kilograms
Brand Name‎Paddletek
Size‎7.8 – 8.4 Ounces
Material‎Velvet Textured Polycarbonate

About this item

DURABLE HONEYCOMB CORE: The high-grade polymer composite honeycomb core of the Bantam EX-L pickleball paddle guarantees consistent and quiet play. Equipped with a 1/8″-edged shock guard, this paddle absorbs the shock of the ball, ensuring high-performance gameplay every time.

AMPLE SWEET SPOT: The high-grade Bantam PolyCore gives this pickleball paddle an ample sweet spot for powerful and accurate shots. This medium-weight, full-sized paddle features the advanced Bantam PolyCore interior for responsive returns.

ULTRA-CUSHION HIGH-TACK PERFORMANCE GRIP: The Paddletek Bantam EX-L pickleball paddles feature an ultra-cushion high-tack performance grip that provides superior control and comfort during long games. It also helps absorb vibration for a more comfortable feel with each shot.

LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: This Paddletek pickleball paddle is designed to provide an optimal weight balance, offering a perfect blend of power and performance. Game after game, it delivers the power and performance you need to win at the highest levels of play.

USAPA APPROVED: These pickleball paddles meet all the specifications set by the USAPA for pickleball paddle width, length, hitting surface, and weight. This ensures that the paddle performs up to the highest standards in competitive play environments.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent blend of power and control.
  • Durable honeycomb core for consistent play.
  • Ample sweet spot for accurate shots.
  • Ultra-cushion high-tack performance grip for superior control and comfort.
  • Lightweight design with optimal weight balance.
  • USAPA approved for competitive play standards.


  • May be considered pricey compared to entry-level paddles.
  • Some players might prefer a heavier or lighter paddle, depending on personal preference.

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